6 Ways to Get Younger Looking Eyes

loveleyesNo matter how hard we try to cheat aging, there’s always the biggest clue that gives us away—our eyes. Like a clingy nemesis who refuses to give up, these pesky eye wrinkles are near impossible to beat. Or are they? Little do women know, winning the battle of youth, is a matter of combining skincare with makeup tricks. When both tactics are seamlessly combined, you’ve got the ultimate remedy for younger looking eyes. Ready to unleash your master beauty plan? Let’s begin!

  1. Drink Water…Tons

Never underestimate the power of water. As the most natural way to battle under eye wrinkles, it hydrates the skin to make it appear brighter and fuller. Otherwise, when your skin is dehydrated, the under-eye area will begin to look sallow and unhealthy. For this reason, you should always keep a water bottle handy to continue hydrating your body throughout the day.

But if you’re not gaga about the taste of plain water, you can add some organic frozen berries, making it much more flavorful. Yummy—drink up!

  1. Sleep on Satin Pillows

Do you move around in your sleep? If so, imagine your under-eye area and your pillow case playing tug-o-war with your delicate skin… because this is pretty much what’s going on! As your skin moves over the cotton material, it creates friction which contributes to eye wrinkles. Over time, you can understand how bad these effects become. Scary, right?

So, get your booty to Bed Bath & Beyond and get some satin pillow cases. The material is much gentler on your skin to help maintain younger looking eyes.

  1. Find the Best Anti Aging Cream

Are you still on a life-long mission to find the best anti aging cream? Join the millions of women who feel the exact same way! To find a solution you can trust, turn to natural skin solutions. There are tons of natural anti aging treatments available that are far superior to the fancy designer brands out there. Check out the best anti aging creams to decide which options match your beauty goals.

  1. False Lashes to Open Those Peepers

Sound too girly-girl for you? Well, forget what you’ve heard! False lashes are one of the best ways to instantly perk up your eyes.

Depending on your personal style, there are tons of different sizes and thickness of false lashes to match your desired look. If you prefer something more natural, ask your beautician to apply shorter lashes. The results are truly stunning—nobody will even notice a few eye wrinkles. Now flutter those gorgeous lashes!

  1. Use “Under Eye Brightener”

Every hear of “under eye brightener”? It’s a highlighting cream that reflects light to create the appearance of smoother, softer skin. When placed under the eyes, it diffuses the look of under eye wrinkles, creating a lifting effect. It looks especially beautiful when layered under your concealer. Brighter eyes, here we come!

  1. Widen with White Eye Liner

Used by every makeup artist in the biz, white eye liner is the secret to wider-looking eyes. As it makes your eyes appear larger, they will also seem more expressive and youthful. You can even layer mascara over the lower lashes to enhance this look.

If white eye liner is too intense for your taste, you can also opt for a creamy beige color. The results will still look great, but much subtler.