6 Things You Didn’t Know Were Aging You


We all know the usual suspects that cause aging—sun, smoking and stress tend to be the big three. Yet, what about all the other things that cause your skin to become dull and wrinkled?

During the hustle of everyday life, there’s actually several other lesser-known triggers that speed up the aging process. This does not mean you should treat life like a landmine of fear—this sucks all the fun out of living! Rather, you should simply become a tad more cautious about the types of products and places to which are you exposed. Watch out for these 7 things you didn’t know were aging you.

Slow Circulation

Our circulation is what keeps our skin vibrant and radiant, but as this starts to lag, our skin loses its glow. To give it a little boost, you can become more handy with your beauty routine by giving yourself facial massages. This regimen will help stimulate blood flow, allowing you to resist the signs of aging.

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Constant facial expressions cause wrinkles. Squinting is one of the worst culprits, often caused by crying, anger or looking at the sun. So, it’s best to avoid making such harsh facial movements on a regular basis. At the same time, however, you shouldn’t be scared to express yourself and freeze up into an expressionless statue. No not good! Just avoid making facial expressions that are not necessary.


Not only is it considered rude to yawn in public, it also makes your eyes look less pretty. When you yawn, your eyes start to water which can lead to puffiness and swelling, according to celebrity esthetician Renee Rouleau. Over time, all that extra fluid weakens your skin’s elasticity, stretching the skin under your eyes. You could then end up with eye bags and deep wrinkles.

Your Concealer

It may be one of your favorite makeup remedies, but it can also work against you in the looks department. If your concealer is too thick under your eyes, you can end up making your wrinkles more noticeable and appear older! Most makeup artists recommend ditching the heavy, cakey goop and switch to a lightweight formula that brightens under eye circles and lines, instead of trying to fully hide them.

A Low Ponytail

When it comes to the ponytail, height really does matter. A low ponytail along your neck may look classy, but also flat. Instead, pull it up a few inches to make it higher and more playful. This style will give you a more feminine and youthful look. What’s more, it also helps soften your features, giving the illusion of a facelift.

Your Sensitive Skin

People aren’t the only ones who get stressed! If you’ve got sensitive skin, you get stress it out easily, forming rashes, irritation and dryness. These issues can thin the skin, adding to our already loaded case of aging troubles. Boo! To protect your skin more carefully, make sure to use products that are especially formulated for sensitive skin. You should also beware of harmful ingredients like fragrances and alcohol.