6 Best Haircuts for Women in Their 50s

Ever notice how nearly every woman after 50 rocks a short cut? It’s not a coincidence. And it’s definitely not because there’s a mysterious hair spirit that causes us to chop our locks after 50 (in case you were wondering). According to leading hair experts, short hairdos are the most flattering, giving you’re a lighter and younger look. This is why the best haircuts to get in your 50s happen to be short or medium-length cuts, navigate to this website to get more ideas or even a hair replacement.

So, if you’re stubbornly holding onto every inch of hair you can grow, let go of your fixation with the idea that more is better. It’s not. Consider trying some of these haircuts—there’s nothing grannyish or boring about them—promise!

The Bob


Lovely and simple, the bob is all about looking fresh and feminine. It’s perfect for fine or thinning hair, giving dull and lifeless hair instant shape. But, stay away from this style if your hair is thick—it’ll look too puffy. If you’re going to try this cut, ask your stylist to cut the blunt ends with a razor instead of scissors for a softer, cleaner line.

The Wispy Pixie


Does super short sound scary? Try sexy! Using just the right amount of wispiness and a boost of color, you can achieve a style that’s slightly shaggy with a modern edge. Who’s high fashion now?

If you keep the layers soft and a little longer around the ears, you can add more femininity to the look.  This approach gives you the choice to keep it playful or tuck it behind the ears.

Spiky and Short


Spiky and short is the hot mama cut. It’s wild, dynamic and completely unpredictable!  This cut works on all hair textures, and helps draw attention to your eyes. It also offers a younger look by creating upward movement that takes focus away from signs of aging… trick, trick…

Shaggy and Short


Shaggy locks are not only fashionable, they are also fun and youthful. To get the most out of this hairstyle, you can incorporate pieces of the layers around your face for a softer look. This effect may be enhanced with some highlighted areas, which gives your hair the appearance of sensual texture and body.

The Lob


The lob is a longer, more modern take on the classic bob. If trying this style, have your stylist cut the front a tiny bit shorter than the back, allowing sweeping, angled layers around your face. This effect gives your hair a luxurious, tousled vibe—very 50 and fabulous!

The Flowy Lob


For the free-spirited lady, the flowy lob is the perfect style to bring out your personality. You can use hair spray to keep it voluminous and bouncy. It’s all about having various uneven layers to keep the length light and fluffy.

If you’re hair is starting to thin out, you can switch to a side part. This technique gives the illusion of a thicker hairline, which is associated with being younger… If you can’t beat time, fake youth. #lifelessons