5 Ways Water Makes you Beautiful


You may have been lectured before on the importance of drinking water. Yes, our bodies are 70% water, and we need it to stay hydrated… yadda, yadda, but science lessons aside, water is really important—not only for your health but also for beauty. Did you know that by increasing your water intake, your complexion can actually become brighter? This is just one little payoff from the bucketful of beauty bonuses you’ll get with drinking more of that good ol’ H20. Hence, it might be worth your while to pick a good water dispenser from unclutterer and stay hydrated. So, if you don’t carry a water bottle wherever you go, you may want to consider it now. And here are 5 lovely reasons why.


  1. Glimmering Eyes

Bring on the sparkle with water! When you stay hydrated throughout the day, your eyes become moist and reflective. In turn, your peepers actually look shinier. On the other hand, when you’re water-deprived and tired, you’ll see the exact opposite effect on your eyes. They will become dry and red. This is why water helps your eyes come alive. Think of it as natural radiance in mother nature’s beverage.

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  1. Pore Cleanser

Water is like lubricant for your skin… Gross metaphor? Well, maybe it’s just the perfect way to put it. The moisture in water slicks up your skin, letting you say goodbye to rough patches and clogged pores. It’ll be easier to apply makeup and you won’t have to feel self-conscious during camera close-ups. You can try a natural cleanser like a Konjac Sponge 


  1. Brighter Complexion

It’s no secret that water helps to flush out toxins in the body. When your body is clean and alkaline, it’s able to fight off all the junk we expose ourselves to. From pollution to chemicals, the world is filled with a junkyard of airborne poisons, which irritate and infect our skin!

By continually drinking water throughout the day, you can help your system rid itself of these environmental enemies. Once we release our bodies from these harmful toxins, our skin appears brighter.


  1. Smoother Skin

Water plumps up your skin cells, making your face look fresh and bright. On the opposite end, when you’re dehydrated, your skin becomes dry and less luminous. So, by drinking 6-8 glasses of water each day, you can keep your skin in a healthy, tip-top condition. Now, you may be thinking that this drinking dose is a lot, but its really not! Since our bodies are mainly composed of water, we need to consume tons of it to look and feel our best.

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  1. Fights Acne

Finally, a major plus to drinking more water is its acne-fighting powers! As water cleans your body, it also performs its cleaning magic on the skin. When your body is free of toxins, you’re less likely to suffer from breakouts.

It’s also recommended to add some lemon to your water, which increases its alkalinity. In turn, you’re essentially maximizing your acne-fighting regimen.

With these 5 amazing benefits to drinking water, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be guzzling it 247. Bring a bottle to the office, leave one on your nightstand and even have one in the car. Drink wherever you go and you’ll notice great results. Happy drinking, ladies!