5 Ways to Stay Younger

5 Ways to Stay Younger

When it comes to staying young, there’s no time machine, genie in a bottle or fountain of youth to rewind the years. In the real world, life is often too distracting to worry about such trifles. With days filled with taxing obligations, long grocery lists and endless trails of bills, it’s near impossible to find the time (and sanity) to focus on recovering your youthful looks… or is it?

Despite what many women are lead to believe, staying young is not some mysterious conundrum with secret answers only privy to celebrities and super rich mamas. No ladies, this is not so. In truth, the key to keeping away the aging demons of time is surprisingly simple! You just need to start transforming your lifestyle routines and health regimens, using natural changes to organically invigorate your mind, body and soul.

These 5 life-changing steps will help you achieve these goals.


  1. You are what you eat

As the old saying goes, you’re most certainly what you eat. This means that your body reflects the quality of foods that you consume. So, if you constantly snack on sugar and saturated fats, your unhealthy diet will also start showing up in your appearance. Your skin will become dull and age, your hair won’t be as shiny and your waistline won’t be as slim—you get the picture.

Now, some of you may be thinking, “what about my girlfriend who stuffs her face and always looks fit and beautiful?” Well, the answer is luck. Your girlfriend represents those rare few who can get away with eating whatever she wants—it’s just one of life’s cruel mysteries.


  1. Heat up your sexuality

An active sex life (solo or with a partner) helps you stay younger. As you experience a sexual release, you boost your immune system, preventing sluggishness and allowing you to feel more alive. You also sweat out toxins from your pores, according to sex coach, Amy Levine. As she explains, “This translates to our skin’s radiance and being more at ease with facial expression (as we use our facial muscles to express ourselves during a sexual encounter).” Ultimately, sexual activity can give you that healthy glow, which can also aid in warding off wrinkles. You’ll get an increase in circulation that triggers a pinkish flush in your cheeks, the ultimate combination for a touch of youth.


  1. Find your color

Finding the right hair color is an important part of looking younger. As we age, our complexion becomes more pale, so some women need to adjust their hair color to compensate. So, if you’ve ever enjoyed neutral blonde or ash brown locks, you may want to consider changing to strawberry blonde or copper-brown. These warm tones will help brighten up your face, helping shed years from your look.


  1. Discover breakthrough beauty serums

The battle to fight wrinkles starts with the right ammunition. When you’re properly locked and loaded, you can combat aging and make a huge difference in the quality of your skin without surgery. Contrary to what many dermatologists and magazines may tell you, it’s possible to reverse visible signs of aging without going under the knife. There are anti-wrinkle treatments out there that really do work! Many women over 40 use the 3 Minute Facelift Serum which quickly smooths out deep lines and reduces sagging. By using such ground-breaking products, you’ll finally be able to enjoy real, noticeable results— ten years ago, here I come!

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  1. Stay happy

Did you know that our internal state is directly correlated with our happiness? With every negative thought that crosses your mind, you’re releasing toxic chemicals into our body, which age you. All this adverse energy changes your cell’s genetic information, showing up as wrinkled skin, dull complexions and hollow eyes.

On the other hand, when you’re happy, you look younger because your internal state is filled with enriching chemicals which distress and invigorate you. With this positive vigor, you’re able to resist the signs of aging. You’ll see that when you’re happy, your skin is brighter, stronger and smoother. Plus, when you feel good about yourself, your personality becomes perkier and radiant—you’ll smile more, leaving that sparkle in your eyes. No matter what, the most youthful remedy truly does come from within.