5 Tips for Clean and Healthy Skin

Skin experts and doctors prove that the best way to have the desired glowing, healthy, soft, beautiful skin is protecting it from the harsh rays of the sun, and from the products/cosmetics, we usually apply on our skin. However, there are several other tips and tricks for clean and healthy skin which are explained here. Each woman should be aware of the 5 most essential skincare tips to take care of her cute face and body.

  1. Sun Protection

According to British Association of Dermatologists, the majority of people are unaware that the right protection of the skin from the rays of the sun can make the skin look younger and shinier than the use of the moisturizers, drinking plenty of water, following a heathy diet and face massages. Few people know that the UV rays are able to cause skin cancer as well as lead to those unpleasant wrinkles. In order to escape such impacts you need to avoid the sun during high intensity periods and hours.  Generally, the most damage from the rays of the sun can be caught between 10 am to 4 pm. So, wear protecting clothing like long-sleeved shirts, long but soft trousers and so on. Use sunscreen; apply gently about 20 minutes before leaving home and reapply every two hours if the rays of the sun are still too harsh.

Image courtesy of Winnond/DigitalPhotos.net
Image courtesy of Winnond/DigitalPhotos.net
  1. Don’t Smoke/ Watch the Alcohol

Researches and the recent statistics show that smoking alone can cause aging. Lately skin experts and US doctors examined the upper inner arms of non-smokers and smokers aged from 22 to 91 and found out that people who smoke a single cigarette a day look older than people who are not used to smoke. Besides, smoking makes the skin look faded and unhealthy. So, before taking that one cigarette think and care of your health. It’s also important to keep in mind that alcohol can make your skin dehydrated, leading to old-looking and unhealthy look. You could click here to read more on the skincare routine that you must follow.


  1. Regular Skincare

The regular cleanse of the skin and the use of the moisturizer can help you keep both your face and the body shine even more beautifully. According to a British Skin Foundation survey, 50% of UK women who wear makeup damage their skin by not removing the makeup before going to bed. Why is it essential to clean the skin regularly? Whether you are tired or too lazy to remove the makeup before the bed, you should remember that the best way to look fresh and pretty is cleaning the skin as regularly as possible. Cleansing and moisturizing removes not only the makeup but also the dirt and bacteria quite gently and thoroughly. The only thing you need to consider is your skin type according to which you should discover the best cleanser and moisturizer. Even hot water and limit time can sometimes be enough to remove the oil from the skin. Then apply a moisturizer to keep the skin soft and protected from drying.

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  1. Sleep Enough

Sometimes we ignore the fact that the lack of sleeping causes many bad impacts that destroy not only our organism but also the skin. So, make sure you sleep as much as your organism needs as poor quality sleep makes the skin look older and the face faded, especially with the bags under your eyes. Before sleeping, you can do many physical exercises like running or swimming which improve sleeping. Actually aerobic exercises tend to increase the oxygen circulating in your body, which in its turn makes the skin stay vibrant and healthy. You can find out many more tips for good and regular sleeping.


  1. Keep Your Hands Out of the Face

There are people who are used to touch their face quite frequently. If you are this type of person, give up doing it from now on! A professional skin expert Amiry says that many of his patients get clear and healthy skin not because they start using medicines but just stop touching their face. It really helps to avoid bacteria. Every time you press against a pimple, it leads to inflammation and distress to the skin. So, keep your hands out of the face and allow it to breathe. Also, sanitize your smartphone and makeup brushes.

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Thus, these are the main tips you need to follow to keep your skin sparkle with all its shine and beauty. Always remember that the skin is thankful and able to bring out your fresh charm only when you take care of it properly. We wish you a stunning face and body with the bright glow on!