5 Things that Cause Wrinkles Under the Eyes

undereye wrinkle erase cosmeticsIf you had one wish, and you’re over 45, odds are you’ll wish for youth. We’re also guessing you’ll start with the eyes, one of the most stubborn signs of aging. The truth is you can never fully banish wrinkles under the eyes, but you can minimize their appearance. It’s all about making a few lifestyle adjustments that are more skin-friendly because there are so many activities that worsen aging. Just like how we love ice cream but hate cellulite, we need to be stricter with our overall routines to look our best. Take note of these top culprits that cause eye wrinkles.

All dermatologists agree that smoking contributes to wrinkles. The nicotine in cigarettes narrows the blood vessels in the surface layers of your skin, leading to impaired blood flow. Since a blood gives us that healthy glow, you can probably guess what happens next. With less blood flow, your skin looses oxygen and vital nutrients, making it look dull and prematurely sag. You’re basically fast-forwarding the aging process.
Even if you’re a casual smoker, this habit still poses long-term damage. So, the next time you’re tempted to light up, even for the odd coffee break or after cocktail hour, remember what it can do to your skin!
There’s no denying that most ladies love their wine and Netflix get-togethers. Yet, with one drink too many throughout the week, you’ll start noticing the consequences on your skin. Overtime, alcohol can decrease collagen levels and skin elasticity, causing your eyes to appear red and puffy. You’ll also become more dehydrated, which contributes to fine lines and crow’s feet. To delay these problems, tone down your alcohol escapades and occasionally sip on a virgin margarita—it’s not the end of the world!
If you’re fidgety with your eye makeup, you can worsen the wrinkles. This area of the skin is highly delicate and too much pressing and tugging on it can weaken the skin. You should also be careful of committing to fake lashes. They place tension on your eyelids, creating the temptation to fiddle with them which strains the surrounding skin. Consider using a high-performance mascara or lash strengthener instead.
Nobody can blame you for allergies, but rubbing your itchy eyes is horrible for your anti-aging routine. As you rub this area, you’re creating folds in the skin and if it’s a continued habit, you can cause deeper winkles under the eyes. If your allergies are severe, take an antihistamine or talk to your doctor about how to avoid future reactions.
If you love the sun but prefer not to rock sunglasses, you probably squint a lot. This motion is harmless occasionally, yet with frequent squinting over time, you’ll definitely notice the effects. As you continue to tightly compress your eyes, you’ll be paving the way for crow’s feet and wrinkles under the eyes. Do yourself a favor and wear sunglasses— a hat is a bonus if you can find one that compliments your style.

By avoiding these beauty blunders, you can protect your skin and ward off wrinkles under the eyes. While you won’t be able to rid them completely, you can certainly make noticeable improvements which can be enhanced with well-applied makeup. Good luck ladies!