5 Simply Makeup Tips For Eye Wrinkles



Eye wrinkles are inevitable. No matter how well you take care of your skin, the area around your eyes will develop fine lines simply from life’s smiles, laughs, cries and heartache. And although life can be just as tough as it is beautiful, for many people everyday things like stress, smoking, alcohol and allergies can all lead to more fine lines.

Although you won’t be able to completely rid yourself of your pesky eye wrinkles, there are a few makeup tricks of the trade that will help to drastically reduce the appearance of them.



First and foremost, you always want to moisturize the area around your eyes before apply any makeup. The dryer the skin, the more obvious the eye wrinkles. Cream concealers are the best option when covering dark circles and puffiness, and will add hydration to the eye area.

The concealer should be used first, before any foundation is added, and formulas with a white or yellow base will best mask eye wrinkles. When applying the cream concealer, be sure to dab the product into your skin, do not rub. The more you pull at the under eye area, the more wrinkles will appear. It’s sensitive skin so be gentle.



The next product to apply is foundation, and choosing the right one is key in hiding irritating eye wrinkles. You want to go with an overall foundation that is your correct skin tone, or slightly darker (lighter will amplify eye wrinkles). And you want to be sure it includes a moisturizer as well.

Tinted moisturizers are often the best option, and can be found at any local makeup counter. These types of products will give you the smoothest and most youthful result. And the hydrating elements will keep the makeup from clumping into fine lines and creases.



Powders can often be useful in setting makeup and giving your face a clean matte finish. However, you want to be sure to keep the powder as light as possible. Do not layer on powder consistently, as the small particles will slowly seep into your eye wrinkles and cause them to be even more visible than before.

You can also choose to apply the powder with a brush, instead of a foam pad or large surfaced tool. This will help keep the application as light and directed as possible, and will minimize the amount of powder that settles into fine lines.



When it comes to eye shadows stay away from too much shimmer or metallic textures. These types of shades only make eye wrinkles more obvious and will attract attention to the unwanted area.

It’s also become popular to add a shimmering highlighter to cheekbones. However, if you’ve got fairly prominent eye wrinkles, this is a technique you want to avoid. It will, again, draw even more attention to the fine lines and settle in creases making them more apparent.



The best way to wear eye makeup to hide eye wrinkles is to shift the focus. Use black eyeliner to divert attention from under your eyes to your iris and lashes. You want to avoid blue, brown or lighter eyeliners and stick to bold black to create a strong focus point.

You can also curl and apply mascaras to create an even more dramatic and attention grabbing look. Again, stick to black mascara and avoid putting it on bottom lashes. When you keep the bottom lashes makeup free it visually opens your eyes even more, keeping people’s attention away from your wrinkles and focused on your gorgeous eyes.