5 Secrets to a Makeup Facelift

5 secrets to a makeup faceliftSurgical facelifts can be expensive and potentially harmful, not to mention possibly ineffective. You may not like the results, even if you successfully heal without complications. And while there are alternatives, like fillers and liquid facelifts, these also come with their fair share of negative side effects and price.

Why not skip the risk all together? Save the money and learn our 5 secrets to an at-home, DIY, makeup facelift. All you need is your makeup and the right techniques.



As we age our eyebrows get thinner and lighter. This is one of the first you’re your face begins to show age (aside from fine lines and wrinkles). Eyebrows help frame the face and can drastically change the dynamic of your look. Use eyebrow pencils and brushes (there are many kits on the market) to fill your brow in, creating a thicker brow for a natural facelift effect.


You will want to use a brush first, and follow it up with pencil in any small, sparse area. You also want to be sure to use a brow pencil that contains waxes that will help the eyebrow stay in place. Many of these products also offer moisturizer as well, to keep the skin healthy.



Just like eyebrows, your eyelashes will lose their curl and stamina as you age. To use your eyelashes to create a facelift, you will want to first use almond oil or a safe moisturizer for this area, to keep the hairs nourished. When applying makeup, always choose lash-lengthening mascara. And regardless of your hair color, dark brown or grey is the best shade for extending the eyelashes. You can also use an eyelash curler to help open and lift the appearance of your eyes, however you want to use the device gently as to not thin the eyelashes even more.



When creating a makeup facelift, the basic rule is to stay away from powders. Choose only liquid or gel eye shadows. And when it comes to liners, stay away from the liquid and stick with the hard pencils. The liquid liners and powder shadows will seep into fine lines and create an unwanted effect.

When it comes to color stick with softer, neutral tones. Use gray and brown liners and try gel or cream shadows that offer a small shimmer for an extra lifting effect. And always choose a pink or peachy undertone concealer to hide dark circles and blemishes.


  1. LIPS

Our lips do not have oil glands like our skin, so they naturally dry out much faster. And the older you get, the more you will need to regularly moisturize not only your skin, but also your lips. When you apply a red lipstick to older, dry, cracked lips – this adds weight to the appearance of your face, not a lift. For a facelift effect, start using neutral lip pencils and colors, and a stain with separate gloss for best results.


  1. SKIN

Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate. It may not be a makeup secret, but the first place to start when trying to reduce the appearance of fine lines and age from your face is to keep your body and skin moisturized. Drink enough water and use hydrating masks whenever possible. You don’t want thirsty skin when attempting a makeup facelift.

When choosing makeup like blush and bronzer, try cream-based products and something with a gold undertone or glow to it. Highlighting the cheekbones are the perfect finishing touch to a makeup facelift. You don’t have to go full out with contouring, in fact – less is more.