5 Reasons Women get Facelifts


Like wonder woman, we want to defy the laws of gravity. In her ideal world, everything on our bodies would stay upright and perky for all eternity! But on this planet, we’re doomed to face the fact that what goes up must come down. Our skin is not exempt from this rule, so as we age, everything starts to sag and bag. The solution? We cheat these signs of aging with a facelift, a surgical procedure involving pinning the skin back for a permanently smoother look. Not sure if this option is right for you? Before making your decision, check off the top reasons why women get facelifts.

Slimmer Jawline

As skin starts to loosen with age, you may get a drooping jawline, known as jowls. This is when the slack skin falls downward, starting from the cheeks, down toward the chin, causing the skin to slump along the jawline. The result is a loss of definition around your chin and jaw and goodbye to pictures from the side.

Many women get a facelift for jowls to tighten the skin. By pulling the excess skin upward, women can enjoy a firmer looking jawline. As a bonus, this effect will also give you a stronger and more confident appeal—yes, always keep your chin up!

Treat Forehead Lines

A smoother forehead is a happy forehead. With age, the lines around the forehead begin to deepen, forming a series of annoying folds that are hard to soften. A facelift is the most powerful way to achieve drastic results for the improvement of forehead lines.

In addition to delivering youthful results, it can also make you feel more content. As neuroscientist, John Micheals explains, “by lifting the forehead lines, you’re setting the face into a more positive position, which can innately cause you to feel happier.” So, despite what the critics say apparently facelifts can offer both inner and outer beauty!

Erase Eye Wrinkles

Crow’s feet are one of the hardest types of wrinkles to treat. Other than using anti wrinkle creams, which can only offer a certain degree of improvement, facelifts for eye wrinkles are very common option.

According to Medical Esthetician, Alina Palin, “Wrinkles around the eyes are the biggest giveaways of old age. You can improve all other areas of the face, but if the eyes are left untreated, it’s always a tell-tale sign.” This is good news for women hoping to take down their age advertisements with a facelift. Now, you can convincingly lie about your age by about ten years or so. Enjoy ten more 40th birthdays, ladies!

Treat Frown Lines

Facelifts help turn that frown upside-down. When it comes to fixing those pesky frown lines, there are two types of areas to target. First are the frown lines around the mouth and the other are the lines between the brows. As you continue to make angry lady facial expressions over the years, an impulse woman just can’t help, these lines will deepen with time.

A facelift for frown lines will help remedy this problem, lifting and smoothing out the wrinkles. Not only will you appear younger, but you’ll actually seem happier because your expression lines are conveying a softer look.

An Overall Younger Look

With a facelift, the skin as a whole will appear more youthful and restored. The tightening effect on the skin will offer a firmer and brighter complexion, creating noticeably improved results. From the tighter facial features and the softer skin texture, you’ll appear more attractive overall.

If you’re interested in getting a facelift and you’re not scalpel-shy, make sure you discuss natural-looking results with your doctor to ensure your procedure is beautifully unobvious.