5 Hair Styles For Instant Facelift

Skip the surgery; stop over contouring, and start saving money on the Botox. These may be the most obvious way to get desired facelift results, however they are not the only ways to accentuate your best facial features. You may have a great stylist or a superb taste, or you might just have an oval face if you have always been happy trying new hairstyles. The qualities of everyone are unique and the identification of facial shape is not just a science, but by checking your features in the mirror, you can get a pretty good idea. Continue reading the rest of this article here: https://www.hairandmakeupgirl.com/hairstyles-for-oval-shaped-faces/.

Something as simple as a new haircut or style can completely change the way your face appears. You can use angles to soften hard lines and reshape faces, making it easier (and safer) to highlight your best features.

Hair can be used to draw the eye away from a wrinkly, sagging neckline or aging chin, but you’ll need to know what works best with your bone structure, and have a stylist that can deliver the results. After a new style you won’t just look better, but you’ll feel better as well. A brand new you can actually take shape simply from the right cut and style.



When it comes to creating a natural facelift, the shorter the better (this is often why older woman stick to shorter styles). The super short pixie cut will draw attention up to your face, pulling your features up as well.

The cut can be styled curly, or straight, and will create sharper cheekbones as well as a lighter appearance. The longer the hair, the heavier the appearance and the weight of the hair, creating less defined cheekbones.

The pixie cut is not for everyone. There are plenty of face shapes that do not compliment the style well, but for many women it’s the cheapest facelift you’ll ever experience.



For women who prefer longer locks, turn to the one and only Bridget Bardot for inspiration. Her classic style included long layers and often long, whispy bangs. The carefree style became iconic for it’s timeless class and easy maintenance.

If they layers are cut appropriately, they will help define cheekbones and perfectly frame the face. It’s a gorgeous cut and style that will give you an instant facelift with just a few snips with the scissors.



The lob (long bob) is a great alternative facelift style for medium length hair.

Adding a few layers into the lob will define cheekbones and help lift the eye away from the neck and collarbone.

What’s important with this style is to create layers directly at your cheekbones. If the layers are too low, or too high, you will actually create more weight to the face and get the opposite of your desired facelift result.



The bob is another timeless classic style, and for good reason. The bob perfectly frames the face, creating a dynamic look and perfectly contoured cheekbones. The style became popular in the 20’s as women began experimenting more with their look and style.

Adding bangs to the bob will cultivate even more definition, offering another way to get a facelift without surgery or fillers. The bangs with the bob are literally framing your face and jawline, drawing attention away from any unwanted sagging skin or droopy features.



Side swept bangs may be the better choice for a facelift for woman with more oval shaped faces. Often these faces do not compliment the shorter styles well, however you can opt for a more whimsical bang that blends into the hairstyle itself.


The blunt fringe bangs may not be best for your features, however if bangs are something you want to keep – ask your stylist about side sweeping them to help better frame your face and give you the natural facelift you want.