5 Easy Tips for Having Shiny Skin in Photographs & Videos

Whether you’re a beauty blogger, an influencer, or just someone who cares about their social media, you’re bound to have wondered if there was something you could do to get that picture-perfect skin at least once. At Erase Cosmetics their wrinkle serum can take away your wrinkles instantly.

But let’s carry on……

Of course, there are indeed multiple ways to achieve that dewy look. Secrets of the trade that have been passed around from beauty blogger to beauty blogger but are finally out in the public. Some of these steps are as simple as taking care of your skin and keeping hydrated, while other tricks are more elaborate. To find more beauty and skin health products at a good price, visit emeraldspa.com.

Keep reading for a rundown of all the things you can do to get that glowing skin in your photos and videos!


Be Smart About the Editing 

Sometimes you’re faced with something amazing and you just want to capture the moment it’s not your fault the lighting was less than ideal, but hey, that’s nothing that a skin-smoothing video filter or a beauty app can’t fix.

If you take your selfies in the spur of the moment, or if some pictures turn out looking a bit different than what you intended, worry not. There are various tools online that can help you get your desired look in your selfies and videos, and most don’t even cost much.

Be careful not to overdo it, though. No one likes a photo that’s been edited too much.


Keep The Lighting Soft 

It’s no secret that good lighting is essential for the perfect photos and videos. Influencers spend a pretty penny on portable lights and a good amount of effort catching that perfect early morning sunshine, and for good reason.

Soft lighting- like natural light, does wonders for your skin. It softens out all your pores and dark circles, makes your skin glow, and even brings out the color in your eyes!

If you’re thinking about getting the perfect shiny skin in your photos with minimum editing, soft, natural light is the way to go.


Use The Right Makeup 

Some products are great for that matte finish, and then there are products that are known for giving you a glowing, youthful look. Knowing the difference can make or break your content!

A little practice and some investment can tell you what foundations and beauty products give you the best results on camera, and you can couple that with good lighting to achieve your desired effects.

Some beauty bloggers recommend dabbing a little highlighter on your cheekbones right before taking that photo or recording that video. You don’t have to go all-out, just put a little on your index finger and smudge it on your cheekbones for glowing, beautiful skin on camera.


Rose Water 

One of the more natural tricks to get that glow is rose water. Spraying rose water on your skin hydrates it, refreshes it, and gives you an incomparable glow that just can’t be beaten.

Using rose water on the regular is even better.  Bye-bye dry, dehydrated skin, hello freshness!

You can spray on some rose water every day before bed, and spraying some on before the shoot is great too. Just be sure to give your skin a few minutes to soak it in before shooting your content.


Take Care of Your Skin! 

Last but not the least, take care of your skin. Nothing beats the glow of healthy, hydrated skin that’s clean, beautiful, and smooth.

Taking steps like watching your diet, getting your beauty sleep, regular exercise, and washing your face before bed can work wonders to prevent dryness, dullness, and spots.



The healthier your skin is, the better it’ll look in any content that you shoot, and the more it’ll glow, be it on camera or off it.


Getting that dewy look all comes down to a combination of good skin and some smart tricks with the camera, and there’s nothing wrong with touching up your selfies and videos right after you make them!